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Jamie Baham nutritional sciences graduate student

Meet Jamie Baham: nutritional sciences graduate student

Friday, January 21, 2022

Media Contact: Katie Lacey | Communications Specialist | 405-744-9347 |

Nutritional sciences graduate student Jamie Baham is determined to make an impact in the world of nutrition through education and outreach. Baham explains her passion is inspiring people to make cooking nutritional, practical and enjoyable.

What led you to pursue a career in nutrition?

I’m a Louisiana girl, so being a foodie comes with the territory. Over the years, I became interested in how our food choices can impact our health outcomes. This is where I fell in love with dietetics. I’m excited to work in a space where I can help others navigate their relationship with food to achieve the health they desire.

What impact are you hoping to make?

I want to challenge those who have left the kitchen to return and try again! I want to inspire people to cook foods they love without overcomplicating eating. I want to shake up the idea that restrictive dieting is the only way to achieve your health goals. And for the love of pumpernickel, please eat carbs! Carbs are not evil!

What are your plans after you graduate with your master’s in dietetics research?

I want to become a registered dietitian working in the clinical setting. I also want to be a resource for evidence-based nutrition in my community.

Through your involvement with the podcast Health Headlines: Unpeeled, you educate viewers on fact and fiction of health fads that plague the media. What have you found to be the biggest misconception in nutrition?

The biggest misconception is that what I do for my body to achieve my goals will work for your body too. This is simply not true.  Everyone’s body is different and responds differently to food. It’s not about achieving a look or size, it’s about becoming the healthiest version of yourself and being happy with that. The road to health is not one diet away; it is found in consistent lifestyle changes made overtime.

Tell us more about the business you started.

I started Ladybug Nutrition in 2020 as a way to get my creative nutrition juices flowing.  In this space I have the privilege of helping others achieve their nutrition goals. More specifically, this platform allows me to offer a reliable voice on evidence-based nutrition while sharing delicious AND easy recipes. Through Ladybug Nutrition, I get to fulfill my mission which is helping people find the right diet for their body. Follow me on the gram @ladybugnutrition !

What is your favorite recipe to share?

Pesto sauce is one of my all-time favorite recipes to share. Pesto is something that I make habitually on the weekends and use almost every day. Whether that be in pastas, wraps or as a pizza sauce, it’s a game changer every time! It’s extremely yummy, versatile and full of nutrients that are great for you as well! Pesto for the win!

Story By: Sierra Walter |

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