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New DHM Department Head Lynn Boorady

A View to DHM’S Future

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Dr. Lynn Boorady is the new head of the Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising. She came from the State University of New York College at Buffalo, where she had been chair of Fashion and Textile Technology since 2007. She has 25 years of experience in higher education. She earned her doctorate in textile and apparel management with a minor in information technology from the University of Missouri in 2005. She also holds a master’s in textiles and apparel from Cornell University and a bachelor’s from the University of Pittsburgh. Boorady is the vice president of operations for the International  Textile and Apparel Association and won several teaching honors at SUNY-Buffalo State: the system-level Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2018, President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2016 and the ITAA’s teaching excellence award in 2017. We chatted with her as she began her OSU career. Excerpts follow:

What opportunities or advantages does the OSU Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising have? What are selling points about the department?

The technology we use in our teaching and research keeps us at the cutting edge of what our industry needs. We want students to learn what is happening now and prepare them for what the industry will be once they graduate. Our faculty conduct research that improves the way we live, shop and interact with our environment. The minor in sustainable design covers the myriad of processes needed in order to make solid business decisions that benefit people and the planet with an eye on the bottom line. We offer great support for students through scholarships, industry connections, real-life projects and experiences before graduation. This helps give them a foothold for success.

Where do you see potential for growth in the department?

I think expanding our sustainable design foothold is important. Industry is looking for people who understand the complexity and potential profit that comes with dedicating your business to sincerely doing good.

Do you have any specific plans or dreams to implement new opportunities for students and/or faculty?

I would love to implement more study abroad opportunities to Asia. Many of my industry colleagues say they need employees who are able to handle the challenge of being in a foreign country. They need to send their employees to countries across Asia for sourcing and quality control.

Tell us about your early experiences in Stillwater. What are your first impressions?

Everyone is so friendly! I already feel right at home.

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