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Impact Spotlight on Cowboy Callers

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The Cowboy Callers are student fundraisers who focus their efforts on academic and financial support for Oklahoma State University students. Located in the Engagement Center at the OSU Foundation, Cowboy Callers play a significant role in annual giving efforts by serving as OSU’s voice while connecting with alumni, parents and friends of the university. Cowboy Callers not only raise money but also share the impact of giving on the Cowboy family.

Lawrence Smith, Junior

Lawrence Smith

Hometown: Tulsa

Major: Marketing

What was the most impactful gift you have been a part of?

The most impactful gifts I have been a part of are the ones that go to the Cowboy Strong Student Emergency Fund. I really enjoy explaining to prospects how much this fund could significantly benefit an OSU student like myself.

Do you have an interaction with an OSU alumnus that stands out to you?

One alumni story that stands out to me happened recently. I spoke with an alumnus that currently works for the Philadelphia 76ers. This experience stands out to me more than others because it let me know that if he could do it, I could, too.

What have you learned about the OSU Foundation through working here?

When I first started working at the Foundation, I didn't fully understand the amount of work that goes into making the whole place run outside of the Cowboy Callers in the Engagement Center. I've learned more about how working professionals come to the Foundation to live out their careers in a great environment.

Emigail Barnes, Sophomore

emigail Barnes

Hometown: Jay, Oklahoma 

Major: Strategic Communications

What is your favorite part about being a Cowboy Caller?

My favorite part about being a Cowboy Caller is being able to connect with alumni and friends of the university. Being a Cowboy Caller has allowed me to connect with some really amazing people that always offer really helpful and encouraging advice.

How would you describe the Cowboy family after speaking with so many people?

I would describe the Cowboy family as united. When I call the Cowboy family, something I always like to ask them before I get off the call is whether they have any advice for me as a sophomore in college. The advice they give me 95% of the time is to enjoy my time here in Stillwater, go to all the games, go out with friends, and of course, study hard. The fact that almost everyone I talk to misses Stillwater made me realize that many people have called Oklahoma State University their home at some point, and to me, that makes us a united family.

How has being a Cowboy Caller influenced your perspective on giving back?

Before becoming a Cowboy Caller, I hadn't really thought about giving back. I had it in my mind that I didn't have enough to give, but working in the Engagement Center made me realize that a donation of any size can make an impact. Being a Cowboy Caller has helped me to understand and appreciate the act of giving back, and it is something I look forward to doing more often in the future.

Teressa Brown, Junior

Teressa Brown

Hometown: Altus, Oklahoma

Major: Pre-Med Biology and Pre-Med Psychology

What is your favorite part about being a Cowboy Caller?

My favorite part about being a Cowboy Caller is seeing the confidence grow in all of our new callers. As the callers get more comfortable making connections, they are able to direct our alumni to the parts of OSU they care about most.

How would you describe the Cowboy family after speaking with so many?

The Cowboy family is, simply put, loyal and true. I have learned that everyone's experience here is different, but Oklahoma State becomes a part of you. The Cowboy family welcomes all with open arms, a smile and endless opportunities. This is why we are loyal and true because there is genuine love for Oklahoma State University.

What was the most impactful gift you have been a part of?

My most impactful gift was not even technically a donation, it was a memorial bench. It meant the world to the young man I was speaking with. As soon as I said I was with the OSU Foundation, he asked me if I could get him in touch with the person who makes the benches. He shared with me how his favorite professor who helped him through undergraduate and graduate school had recently passed. This interaction made me realize that my job is not about obtaining donations, my job is about keeping our Cowboy family connected.

Story By: OSU Foundation | STATE Magazine

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