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Adel Pezeshki (center) was recognized with the Early Career Award for Excellence in Teaching at the Ferguson College of Agriculture Scholarship and Awards Banquet. He is pictured with Cynda Clary (left), associate dean of the Ferguson College of Agriculture, and Thomas G. Coon, vice president and dean of OSU Agriculture. (Photo by Genesee Photo Systems)

Pezeshki honored with Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising and Mentoring

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Media Contact: Jami Mattox | Agricultural Communications Services | 405-744-8061 |

Adel Pezeshki, assistant professor in the OSU Department of Animal and Food Sciences, was recognized with the Early Career Award for Excellence in Teaching at the Ferguson College of Agriculture Scholarship and Awards Banquet.

Pezeshki joined the department in 2016. He has taught a variety of classes, including Principles of Animal Nutrition, Basic Nutrition for Pets, Nutritional Physiology and Metabolism, and Macronutrient Nutrition and Volume Intake. In addition to his teaching and research appointments, Pezeshki serves as a mentor to eight undergraduate Wentz scholars and three undergraduate honors projects.

“Dr. Pezeshki has performed exceptionally well in his teaching and research position and is a strong member of the animal and food sciences faculty,” said Gerald Fitch, interim department head. “He is a model citizen in the department and has excelled in all areas. He has taken advantage of the tools provided and has attended more than 40 workshops and seminars to continually improve his teaching and mentoring skills.”

Pezeshki believes his excitement about animal science helps students focus on his lectures. He also likes to bring real-world examples to the classroom to help students better relate with the concepts discussed in class.

“I believe if students connect with what is taught to them in the class, it will lead to improved interest and motivation for success in their future career,” he said. “It is important for me to make sure my students understand the link between the coursework and their future goals.”

Pezeshki is involved with the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture and received the NACTA Young Educator Award in 2020 for excellence in teaching in higher education and agriculture. Fitch said the award reflects Pezeshki’s efforts to continually strive to improve his teaching skills, as well as his drive to help undergraduates learn in a variety of ways.

Pezeshki has a passion for teaching, mentoring and advising of undergraduate students. He notes that his favorite part of teaching is seeing the spark of interest in his students at the end of each lecture.

“It is very rewarding for me to watch my students’ growth and development over the course of the semester,” Pezeshki said. “It is an incredibly satisfying feeling to see that my efforts as a teacher have an impact on my students’ personal and professional lives.”

Those efforts are appreciated by his students and advisees.

“Dr. Pezeshki is an enthusiastic professor and respected researcher,” said Cynda Clary, associate dean for academic programs. “His passion for his subject is contagious, and he is an incredibly positive and uplifting influence on his students in and out of the classroom.”

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