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FAPC clients assist Hurricane Katrina victims

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Oklahoma citizens know the importance of helping each other in times of need, and Oklahoma companies understand that value, as well.

Hurricane Katrina left many in need, and several business clients of the Food and Agricultural Products Center, located on the Oklahoma State University campus, were there to answer their call.

Corey Stone, FAPC business planning and marketing specialist, said the most rewarding aspect of being a FAPC specialist is the opportunity to affect a client's quality of life by helping them grow their business.

"It has been just as great an experience to see so many companies we work with step up to provide aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina," he said. "Oklahomans have always been among the first to contribute aid in times of crisis, and it is no surprise to see Oklahoma businesses react the same way."

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma coordinated the efforts of businesses to aid in restoring the operations of the New Orleans Food Bank, which was inaccessible after the hurricane.

Among the businesses that FAPC has assisted and provided goods and/or services were Chef's Requested Foods of Oklahoma City, Refrigerated Delivery Service of Tulsa, and No Man’s Land Beef Jerky of Boise City, Oklahoma.

"We appreciate the generosity of these Oklahoma companies to donate equipment and staff to the relief efforts. The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is committed to using any resources that we have to helping aid the affected areas," said Food Bank Executive Director Rodney W. Bivens in a news release.

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