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Know how horses respond to hot summertime temperatures

Add the values of the temperature and humidity to get the heat index when determining whether to reduce animal activity.
Horses need up-to-date West Nile virus vaccinations

Mon, Jun 14, 2021

OSU Extension recommendations are for horse owners and equine managers to consult with their local large animal veterinarian as there are different vaccines available on the market.

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Keep watch on obese horses eating green forage

Tue, May 18, 2021

Obesity in horses is never a desired condition, but especially so for animals that have developed equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), a condition similar to Type II Diabetes in people.

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Veterinary Viewpoints: Rabies continues to be a threat to pets and livestock

Fri, Apr 30, 2021

While all mammals are capable of being infected with rabies, it’s rare in very small mammals, like rats and squirrels. Raccoons, foxes, skunks and other wild animals are often the source of infection for livestock and other domestic animals. Dogs and cats often get it from fighting with wildlife, while horses, cattle and other livestock are likely to be bitten on the muzzle, udder or feet when encountering wildlife.

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When horses roar: Evaluating the equine upper respiratory tract

Mon, Apr 19, 2021

Horses are exceptional athletes that perform in a wide variety of disciplines. Their muscles use a lot of energy, which is largely produced through a process called aerobic metabolism, using oxygen to convert carbohydrates and fats to ATP, the energy source used by muscle cells.

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Pregnant Mares: What owners need to know as foaling time approaches

Tue, Mar 02, 2021

During a mare’s pregnancy, moderate exercise such as vigorous walking or riding will help control her weight and maintain muscle tone and strength needed for the last two months of pregnancy.

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