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OSU psychologist finds an aversion to swearing may lead to incorrect word pronunciation

A new study by Oklahoma State University’s Dr. Sarah Kucker and the University of Miami’s Dr. Lynn Perry examined how socially taboo words change how we say new words. In the study, participants read aloud made-up words that were spelled to either rhyme with a swear word, such as “kuck,” or rhyme with a neutral word, like “wug” rhyming with “rug”.
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Pokes PodCAS Episode 47: Three degrees, one Orange Gown, with Kayla Reed

Fri, Apr 29, 2022

“Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them.” This was just one piece of advice that College of Arts and Sciences Orange Gown Recipient, Kayla Reed, had to share with students as she prepares to graduate with degrees in Psychology, Zoology and Plant Biology.

PsychologyPlant Biology Ecology and EvolutionScience and TechnologyCollege of Arts and SciencesResearchHuman Health and WellnessIntegrative BiologyAnimal Health and SciencesStudent Success
2022 Mr. and Miss Hispanic/Latinx OSU winners crowned

Tue, Mar 29, 2022

Alexander Turner Camacho couldn’t stop smiling, and Valerie Rios discretely wiped away her tears of joy as they were both crowned 2022 Mr. and Miss Hispanic/Latinx OSU on Saturday.

College of Engineering Architecture and TechnologyCollege of Arts and SciencesHispanic Student AssociationMr. and Miss Hispanic Latinx Scholarship PageantCampus Life and DiversityPsychologyMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Pokes PodCAS Episode 45: How to stay on top of your schoolwork and get involved on campus

Thu, Mar 03, 2022

We spoke with Brianna Roenbeck, a psychology/pre-med major and our Colleges of Arts and Sciences Student Council president. She had some great advice to help students stay on top of their schoolwork and also to get involved on campus safely.

pre-medPsychologyStudent SuccessHuman Health and WellnessCollege of Arts and SciencesCampus Life and DiversityWellness
Psychology Ph.D. student receives $68K NIH grant to study aging and childhood trauma

Wed, Jul 28, 2021

Less than a year after submitting her grant application to the National Institute on Aging — a subset of the National Institutes of Health — Psychology Ph.D. student Cindy Tsotsoros was awarded $68,590 in May to study the impact of childhood adversity on indicators of brain health. The R36 Dissertation Award had previously only been given to one other OSU student and funds both Tsotsoros’ stipend and her research with young and aging women.

Human Health and Wellness#OrangeIsTheAnswerResearchPsychologyGraduate CollegeCollege of Arts and Sciences
Pedersen connects with others through service

Thu, Jan 21, 2021

Zane Pedersen has spent his whole life in Oklahoma and hopes to attend medical school in Oklahoma starting next fall. He is an honors student majoring in physiology with a pre-med focus and a psychology minor. He has an impressive list of accolades and has held leadership positions in multiple organizations across campus and in his fraternity.

College of Arts and SciencesIntegrative BiologyHomecominginto the streetsScience and TechnologyPsychologyHuman Health and Wellness
Former OSU footballer and CAS alum living the Cowboy spirit in Texas

Mon, Dec 14, 2020

Derek Jones received a scholarship to OSU where he lived at Bennett Hall, played tight end and graduated in Speech Communications. He is now a high school business teacher, along with coaching football and track and field.

College of Arts and SciencesPsychology

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