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OSU researchers awarded $4M to help advance livestock and food industries

The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture awarded a combined $4 million in grant funds to support Oklahoma State University Ag Research projects in animal sciences. The projects will all be working towards the health and well-being of livestock.
Cattle in an open field.
Researchers studying nitrogen for a better climate future

Wed, Nov 02, 2022

Oklahoma State University researchers will look at how nitrogen management affects nitrous oxide transmissions from sorghum and the impact of nitrogen management on plant physiology as part of the Climate-Smart Commodities Project.

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OSU scientist uncovering the mystery of microbes in plant immunity

Thu, Oct 13, 2022

Feng Feng, a molecular biologist with Oklahoma State University, is researching how microbes in the plant’s roots provide it with necessary nutrients while also hindering the plant’s immunity to infection.

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Patch burning a potential cost saver for supplemental feed

Thu, Sep 15, 2022

Hannah Baker, an OSU graduate student in agricultural economics, is currently conducting research on the economic benefits of patch burning, which has the potential to save producers on supplemental feed costs.

Food Land and Natural ResourcesResearchDepartment of Agricultural Economics#OrangeIsTheAnswerOSU Ag ResearchOSU AgricultureOSU ExtensionDepartment of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
OSU researchers seek to make hops a new Oklahoma crop

Thu, Sep 08, 2022

Oklahoma State University is researching the potential of hops as an Oklahoma specialty crop to benefit the state’s economy by boosting the craft beer industry.

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Oklahoma water center aims to conserve water through cover crops

Thu, Aug 11, 2022

The Oklahoma Water Resources Center at Oklahoma State University is teaming up with Texas A&M University for a $1.7 million project to study the benefits of regenerative agriculture in Oklahoma and Texas.

OSU Extension#OrangeIsTheAnswerFood Land and Natural ResourcesOSU Ag ResearchOklahoma Water Resources CenterResearchOSU Agriculture
OSU research aims to save billions for beef industry

Thu, Aug 04, 2022

Oklahoma State University scientists aim to help save the beef industry money through their research on the discoloration of meat.

#OrangeIsTheAnswerFood Land and Natural ResourcesBeefRobert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products CenterOSU Ag ResearchOSU AgricultureDepartment of Animal and Food Sciences
USDA-ARS and OWRC scientists improving water control structures

Fri, Jul 29, 2022

As part of a five-year U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service project, an American-made drone called Goose has been flying over Oklahoma dams, capturing images of the dams and their surroundings to create 3-D models that can be analyzed to determine potential safety issues.

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