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Extend the life of a Christmas tree after the holidays

Families can still get a lot of fun and joy from their fresh-cut Christmas trees after the holidays by turning them into bird feeders.
Hand holding orange slice on a string in front of bowls of orange, apples, popcorn and peanut butter.
OSU vet school offers tips for protecting pets during the holidays

Thu, Nov 29, 2018

While decorating and entertaining this holiday season, remember, not everything people enjoy is safe for pets. Read on for tips to keep your pets safe this holiday season.

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Does turkey make you sleepy?

Wed, Nov 14, 2018

When the last bite of turkey is consumed and the plates are cleared, the next item on the Thanksgiving agenda is a nap. Because turkey makes you sleepy, right? Darren Scott, food scientist at Oklahoma State University’s Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center, debunks this myth.

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FAPC delivers food safety tips to the Thanksgiving table

Tue, Nov 13, 2018

The holiday season is officially here and Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching. While many Oklahomans will be preparing holiday meals for their families and friends, the risk of food poisoning is lurking. Oklahoma State University's Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center offers tips to keep your family safe this festive season.

FAPCfoodholidayfood preparationFood and Agricultural Products CenterFerguson College of AgricultureThanksgivingAgricultural Sciences and Natural ResourcesDASNRfood safetyturkeyOSU AgricultureFood Land and Natural Resourcesfood industry
Halloween Food Safety

Tue, Oct 16, 2018

Halloween celebrations can be a trick or a treat when it comes to food safety. While Halloween offers plenty of make-believe fun, it also brings real food safety risks. Some tips and tricks will help carve out food-safe festivities for party throwers and goers.

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